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From Matsuda Kazuyo!

Ladies Kendo Weekend UK May 2011

Dear 5th and 6th dan ladies Kendoka,

I would like to invite you all to the below seminar to be held in the UK 2011. The guest teacher is Ms Christiane David, from Fontaney France. I have spoken to some of you already about the seminar earlier this year and I am pleased to confirm the details in this invitation. I would really hope that the weekend will be good to all, especially for the 'high graded' female colleagues as rare opportunity to practice each other. I have invited all 5th and 6th dan ladies within Europe.
The seminar is open to all female kendoka 15 years old and above, from all European countries. Its aim is to develop female Kendo to its summit! Please come along if you could, I would be most grateful.

Ladies seminar in UK 2011

28/29 May 2011

Guest teacher
Christiane David 6th dan Renshi

Kodokan Kendo Club
Princess Marina Sports Complex
The Royal Masonic School for Girls
Chorleywood Road
Herts WD3 4HF;

28 Sat May 10am - 5pm
29 Sun May 10am - 12noon
(Kodokan regular practice takes place 27 Fri May 7 - 8:30pm if you wish to come along. £5 for visitor)

£25 Sat
£5 Sun

The Royal Masonic School for Girls accommodation, including breakfast and lunch (TBC)

Saturday Dinner
Saturday dinner at nearby restaurant

under construction - application form will be available soon

For any queries please just contact me. I look forward to seeing you in May next year!

All the best,
Kazuyo Matsuda
Kodokan Kendo Club Instructor

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